Our menu includes a wide variety of salads, hot meals, soups, meat and vegetarian dishes; desserts, fresh seasonal fruits and hot and cold drinks to suit every taste.


Тоmatoes, cucumber, corander

The classic spanish cold tomatoe soup, a perfect tasty and healthy solution, especially for the summer days.


Fish soup

Salmon, potatoes, carrots, cream, egg

Our classical recipe for fish soup, delicious and favoured by many.

fish soup

Chicken soup

The taste fammiliar to all - young and old, just like your granny made it.

Chicken, potatoes, carrots, cream, egg

chicken soup


Cucumber, yogurt, walnuts

Traditional Bulgarian cold soup with a refreshing effect.


Meat dishes

Freshly cooked meatballs, beef, pork, grilled and baked meat...everything prepared in front of you and irresistibly tasty!

The mediterranean diet suggests fresh cooked meat products - lean and low in fat. We offer a wide assortment - beef, pork and lamb seasonally in various combinations and original recipes. On our stands you will find a huge variety that surely will satisfy even the most discriminating taste. Come see for yourself!

Vegetarian meals

Many people are surprised but in reality a large part of our menu is suitable for vegetarians - you will find tens of salads and vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared daily.

Here is just a small selection of our vegetarian dishes:

Parmesan Milanese
French gratin
Vegetable Cutlet
Broccoli a la cream
Tortilla Vaho
Vegetable souffle
Lasagna with spinach and cheese

Come and try on the spot!

Vegan dishes

Are you vegan? Welcome! We are delighted to offer you our range of delicious vegan meals. You can see a short selection below and come visit us for more!

Just a few of our vegan dishes:

Arab stew with chickpeas
Red lentils
Okra with tomato sauce
Risotto with dried tomatoes
Grilled vegetables
Arab Pilaf
Tomates Gemistes

And a special mention for our amazing Vegan Carrot Cake - try it and we can assure you it will not be the last time you order it:)


Fish is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet

Mackerel, trout, herring, sardines, tuna and salmon - are just a few of our suggestions in various combinations and prepared according to original recipes.



You would struggle to find a wider range of salads anywhere else

Our menu includes over 70 different salads with various products. They are prepared daily and on our stands you will always find something fresh and new to please even the most discerning tastes. Come and see for yourself!


Vegan cake

Carrots, almonds, coconut milk, agave syrup, dates

Delicious and healthy? Why not! Try our tasty vegan cake even if you are not a vegan!

vegan cake


Oat bisquits, mascarpone, jam

Our totally irresistible cheesecake.



Mascarpone, eggs, savoyardi, marsala, Kahlua, espresso

Our famous tiramisu prepared following the original recipe.



Soft drinks, coffee, beer, wine or homemade lemonade - the choice is yours

Here you will find a wide selection of popular soft drinks, coffee, beer, wine and energy drinks. We also offer homemade lemonade, pink lemonade and ayran.